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Available in N, OO and O, all British Railways regional colours and Southern Railway.
Standard pack contents:
2 cards per pack.
Each card contains:

20 x BR totem or SR target signs (for lamp posts, walls etc)

4 x running in nameboards

2 x signal box nameboards

1 x station entrance nameboard

platform numbers 1-4 (two of each)

selection of small door signs

There are two cards per pack so you receive double the above in a complete pack.

Your choice of station name printed on the nameboards, totems or targets.

You may prefer to have one name for both cards in the pack or a different name on each card (up to two names per pack). Please see the order form for details.

If you require running in nameboards or station entrance sign to a specific size, please indicate on the reverse of the order form, giving height and length of board in mm (this does not alter the price of the pack).
ck here for further details re. running in boards
Cost of packs:
N £3.00    OO £4.00    O £5.00

Available in N, OO and O, all BR regional colours and Southern Railway.
If you need more ‘totem’ (BR) or ‘target’ (SR) name signs or maybe you have made your own running in nameboards and need only totems or targets, we can supply these.
Each pack contains 60 totems or targets with a choice of up to three station names (ie 20 totems/targets per name).  You can mix and match regional colours in the pack eg. 20 x WR, 20 x LMR, 20 x ScR etc.

Cost of packs:
N £3.00  OO £4.00  O £5.00
Click here for further information re. ‘Totems Only’
Available in N, OO and O, with header boards in all British Railways regional colours and BR black, Southern (green), GWR (black), LMS (black).
LNER (black)

Standard contents for N, OO and O:
2 cards in a pack carrying a selection of travel/information posters, chalked notices etc.  Each card carries a different selection of posters.
Boards headed with BRITISH RAILWAYS, SOUTHERN, GWR, LMS, LNER/LNER ‘eye’ logo.
Mixture of single & double width boards.

Cost of packs:
N £3.00    OO £4.00    O £5.00

N, OO and O - identical to posterboards above but carrying only timetables.
Please note - due to the small scales involved, the exact text of the timetables is illegible, however, overall effect is maintained.

Cost of packs:
N £3.00    OO £4.00    O £5.00

here for further information re. poster boards
OO and O only
1 card per pack.  All British Railways regional colours.
Card contains 10 destination boards, printed in pairs to be fixed back to back.
These boards were slotted into brackets by station staff to indicate the route and destination of the next train to arrive.  

Cost of packs:
OO £4.00   O £5.00

These are large size totems or targets (approx. 28.5cm long and 7.5cm high) for mounting on the side of the layout baseboard.

Please note - these signs are not self-adhesive and will require cutting out.

For an example, see ‘Signs in Situ’ Platform 5... Click here

Two signs are supplied.  These may be identical or of different regional colouring or names, please specify on the order form.

Cost for two large signs £8.00
Please note that postage is included in the price within the UK.  
Postage costs for Europe and rest of the world are shown on the respective order forms.

Click here for downloadable order forms
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Order Forms
FRIDGE MAGNETS (two styles)
70mm x 45mm

BR TOTEM fridge magnet:
Two BR style totems one above the other in the regional colour(s) of your choice on a grey background. The two totems may be in the same regional colour or different - the choice is yours. If you prefer just a single centred totem, this is possible too.
These could include station or place names, names of family, friends, pets etc - any wording you like!

Wording may also be included in the upper and lower sections of the totem if required.

BR SIGN fridge magnet:
If you’d like a fridge magnet with text of your choice in the style of a BR sign (portrait or landscape), we can make this for you. Please see the order form.

Cost of fridge magnet (both styles):